​Parkside Panther Vision

Mentoring Sessions in FDL School District

"It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men"

-Fredrick Douglas

There was a need and Ebony Vision answered the call!

We have been ask by  principals to facilitate mentoring sessions and to provide mentors in some of the schools for our African American male students.  There are 2-components that we have added to our main mentoring program (Men of Vision):

  •  8-12 week mentoring program (can be extended).
  • The Dream Team

Mission: By going to where the students are to give impactful guidance to meet their needs to ensure success in school and in the community.  

Objective:​ To be a point of contact, conquer cultural barriers and to assist in the education and well being of African American males while in school.

Outcome:​ Improve student's self esteem,  decline referrals,  close the disproportionate gaps.

IMentoring Programs we create monthly themes that are Thought provoking discussions on topics like accountability, leadership, how to be advocate for yourself and others topics.

​Schools that have completed mentoring programs

​Theisen Middle School-Tiger Vision

Fondy High School-Cardinal Vision

Current program at Parkside Elementary School-Panther Vision (we recently added African American girls)

​Every Monday 11:15am-11:55am

4th and 5th grades

  1. 8-12 weeks mentoring sessions.
  2. Group of 9-14 students.

The Dream Team are African American Men that go into the schools to build relationships with the students during recess.  Engaging them by playing basketball, conversations about life issues or concerns that they may have.

The Dream Team has mentored to students K-8th grade.

Once a week, 2-4 times a month

During recess 35-45 minutes

School locations

​Chegwin Elementary School

Parkside Elementary School

Pier Elementary School

​Sabish Middle School

Woodworth Middle School

If you would like more information about our mentoring programs please contact us.

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