​4-K Parent/Teacher

October - April ​5:00pm-6:30pm

​Location: various each month

Engaging parents to get more involved with their 4-K children (3 and 4 years old) with reading.  This age has been identified as the starting point of involving children of a life lone skills of the enjoyment of reading.  From Oct. to April 4-K meets once a month with a theme.  They will feed you and your children from 5-5:30p and the next hour your children will engage in activities at the different booths.  The kids absolutely love this. 
You must rsvp each month if you are attending (let Ebony Vision know).  

Restorative Justice Practices

Processes that proactively build healthy relationships and a sense of community to prevent and address conflict resolutions.  The committee is in the process of implementing these practices.


​​​​​District Equity Leadership Team (D.E.L.T.)

This team consist of various employees of the FDL School District, parents and community entities and the core concern is addressing race.

​​*High Suspension Rate of African American Students"

​​​​We are collaborating with the school district in several ways.  We sit on the following committees: D.E.L.T, 4-K, Restorative Justice Practices and Mentoring programs

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